YouTube Deleted the Biggest African “Make Money Online” Channel and They Didn’t Provide a Reason

Learn from this and build a solid foundation for your digital business


Screenshot from Daniel Hustle’s new channel

I’ve followed Daniel Umeh for a while on YouTube, he’s one of the biggest African “make money online” YouTubers, and with almost 300,000 subscribers, YouTube deleted his account.

They didn’t give a reason.

Typically, YouTube doesn’t give solid or detailed reasons when they delete your channel. They just delete it.

Anyway, I received a comment from a subscriber on my video about Daniel, aka “Daniel’s Hustle.”

Here’s the comment:

I immediately searched for Daniel’s channel, and the first thing I found was this video:

In this video, Daniel explains how YouTube deleted his channel, and they didn’t provide a reason.

So, what can we learn from this?



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