You Can’t Make Long-term Passive Income on Vocal Media

Vocal Media is a beast, you need to keep feeding it


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Like many social media platforms, you can’t post content on Vocal Media once in a while. You need to keep feeding the beast.

If you have no idea what Vocal Media is well, here’s the breakdown:

Vocal is a content creation platform that is similar to Medium however, they offer cash prize contests and milestone bonuses, and writers receive higher pay rates if they join the Vocal plus membership.

The membership is $9.99 per month and members gain access to the cash prize contests, they also receive $6 per thousand views, they can receive comments on their articles and the threshold for payment is $20. For non-members, the threshold for payment is $35 and non-members earn $3.80 per thousand views.

The question I want to answer in this article is:

❓Can you earn long-term passive income on Vocal Media❓

My answer to this question is:


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You can earn a few pennies here and there for about two or three weeks after publishing your content however, this fizzles out after a while. You can’t post articles and sit back and hope for the best with Vocal. You need to put in some extra effort.

Although Vocal does offer an in-built audience, it’s no way near as effective as Medium’s in-built audience. Of course, Vocal is a newer platform therefore, they have years of work to do before they reach Medium’s level.

If you want to earn money on Vocal, you need to do this:

Create high-volume content

I know, some people think that it’s best to create high-quality content and less of it. With Vocal, you need to create good quality content and lots of it. I would suggest publishing at least ten to twelve articles per week on Vocal if you want to make any kind of money at all.

I work with a team on my Vocal business page and we produce 30 pieces of content per…



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