Why Do Some People Want Everything For Free?

I see many complaints about the Medium membership fee and it baffles me.


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I write content for various platforms and read content when I have the time. Recently, I have noticed the constant complaints about Medium’s membership fee. With some saying that it must be a scam, why should they pay to write? These continous complaints got me thinking, why do some people want everything for free?

Free Doesn’t Mean Better

I write for Hubpages sometimes, it’s free but they don’t provide any incentives to their writers, their payment system is weird and they don’t allow you to track earnings for individual articles. It’s not all bad over there however, I do believe that writers could make more money if they offered some kind of ad free model where people paid to have an ad free experience.

$5 a Month is Cheaper Than a Personal Blog

Paying $5 is cheaper and easier than running your own blog. Not to say that personal blogging is dead because it is certainly not dead. However, if you are just starting out in the world of blogging, social blogging is much easier.

You Have to Invest Money to Make Money

If you want to make money, you do have to invest money. Yes, you can go and get a nine to five job however, to get that job, you might have to invest in some smart work clothes, print out your resumes, spend money on gas. Nothing really comes for free.

Why do people get so scared when they realise they have to spend money? I personally would prefer to spend $5 per month on Medium and earn a decent monthly income from articles that I published months ago than spend hours creating articles for free for a few pennies here and there if I’m lucky. I know some people only make a few dollars on here but with time, if you stick with it, you can make some decent money on Medium and other platforms that offer a paid membership model.



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