When Things Change, Embrace the Change

Go with the flow

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Change is probably the most important word at the moment. 2020 has been a whirlwind of change and fear. Life will never truly be the same again but recently I have been leaning into the idea of embracing change. Instead of fighting against the tide, flowing freely with it. Instead of drowning in frustration, learning to dance with the ebb and flow of life. Life is about change, slight and mammoth shifts in circumstance and thoughts and feelings. As you age, as the days pass, things don’t just stay the same, things change.

Be Still

I struggle with this, my mind is always running on overdrive. Overthinking every stage of my life, thinking about what other people think of me, instead of focusing on what I think of myself. Sometimes the best thing to do when you are experiencing a major shift in your life is to be still. Sit with the feelings, and go with the flow. It is easier said than done but sometimes it is the best thing to just sit there and be still.

Be Open to Learn New Things

Change means we often have to step outside our comfort zone and be open to learning new things and new ideas. New ways of thinking and feeling, be open to that. Professional linguist Alton Becker says that to learn a new language, you need to change your mind. You need to step outside your comfort zone and learn like a child learning to speak. If you are unwilling to learn and be open, it will be very difficult for you to embrace change. Therefore, try to be more open.

Be Scared

Try something new, challenge yourself, and embrace the fear factor. Be scared and don’t fight the feeling.

Get Rid of Old Things

Sometimes change is a loud or quiet signal to get rid of old things and start fresh. Shed your old skin and step into a whole new realm. I remember when I got evicted from my apartment in East London, I was so reluctant to leave that place because I loved it so much however when it was time to move, I realized I had far too many things. I took the time to sift through all the old things and get rid of some. I used the Kon Mari method of only keeping the items that brought me true joy.



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