This is How Much I Made on the Second Day with a New Google News Page

Building a $500 a month Google News Page


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It’s day three of posting on my new Google News experiment page, and on day two, I published three articles. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

My plan is to post once a day, but I felt like writing more, so I did.

So here’s the breakdown:

✅ I published three articles (500 words each)

✅ I left eight comments

✅ Five highlights

✅ I shared all my articles on Many Stories and two Facebook groups

✅ I also shared one article on a WhatsApp group about making money online and financial literacy.

Recently, my Medium earnings have drastically reduced, so I was shocked to see how much I made on day two of this experiment. Honestly, I’m not expecting thousands in the first month, Medium is not so easy anymore. I was expecting to make at least one dollar a day in the first month.

How much do you think I made on day two, with approximately 150 more reads?

Here’s the screenshot:

Screenshot from author’s medium page

I increased my earnings from $10.50 to $25.81.

Read about my day one earnings here:

So on day two, I earned $15.31, which is pretty good! My goal for this page is to push it to $500 a month in six months. Then I’ll outsource the writing process.

Do you think $25 in two days is good?

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