I Make $500 A Day Answering Simple Questions From Google

People ask Google the simplest questions and I make money by answering them


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I started blogging years ago, I had my first lightbulb moment when I started writing for a niche marketing company in Australia. I had to write articles that answered very basic questions. Ever since then, I have made thousands per month answering simple questions from Google.

How Do I Do it?

I set up simple WordPress blogs, I create at least 100 articles answering simple questions.

I apply for Google Adsense or MediaVine (ad networks, when readers click on ads, I get paid).

I recently set up a site about natural remedies. It’s my highest-earning site. I started off by listing hundreds of natural remedies. For example:

💲Baking soda

💲Lemon and honey



💲Eldberberry Syrup


I type this into Google:

“Is lemon and honey good for sore throats?”

Then I check for the “People also search for” and “People also ask” sections. I list all the relevant questions in these sections.

I create an outline for an article based on these questions.

Google screenshot by author

For this article, I would also add “The Health Benefits of Lemon and Honey.” I would also add “How to use lemon and honey to relieve a sore throat.”

When I’m creating these articles, I like to look at all the articles on the first page of Google. I make the effort to create a longer, more detailed article for each question.

With these health-related topics, it’s difficult to rank higher than Healthline.com however, I like to find unusual health remedies and herbs that have less competition. I then type the same question into Google:

“Is…good for anxiety?”



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