I Didn’t Post on Medium for 2 Days and Here’s What Happened

Good news and bad news


Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

I made a conscious decision to skip two days of posting on Medium to focus on some big projects.

The truth is, Medium is very slow right now, it’s not the money-grab that it once was; and I’m not complaining because I have multiple income sources. However, it’s a scary time for those who rely on Medium for a monthly paycheck.

I took the time off because I’m working on something that needs my full attention; and although I schedule most of my content usually, I have batch of content sitting there that still needs editing therefore, I decided to take the whole weekend off.

Usually, I post seven days a week but this week, I left a gaping hole in my publishing schedule, and published nothing on Saturday and Sunday.

The truth is, Medium is a hungry beast and you need to feed it as often as you can if you want consistent results.

Yes, you can get a viral hit and it can sustain you for a month or so however, notice what happens when you take long breaks, you lose traction and money.

So, what happened when I stopped publishing for two days?



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