How King Endubis of the Great Kingdom of Aksum Became the First Ruler of Ancient Africa to Mint Coins

The first Ancient African king to mint coins


Image: Aksumite coins — Wikipedia

The Ancient Kingdom of Aksum was in existence from 100AD to 940 AD. It stretched across East Africa and included Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Djibouti as well as Sudan. Situated in the northern province of Tigray, Aksum was the capital of Ethiopia until the seventh century CE. The Ancient kingdom had power over southern Egypt and the Gulf of Aden, as well the Omo River territory. Its power stretched as far as the Cushite Kingdom of Meroe to the west.

Aksum is well known for its large stone towers and beautiful architecture. It is known as one of the most powerful empires to ever exist in Africa. Aksum traded commodities between India and the Mediterranean. It was involved in exporting gold, emeralds, silk, spices and tortoiseshell.

The kingdom was so powerful when it came to exporting and trading with other territories, it eventually began to produce its own coins in 270 CE, at this time King Endubis ruled the kingdom. Some historians claim that Endubis was the first prominent king of Ancient Africa to mint coins.

Endubis became king after the collapse of ancient Egypt and Nubia. It has been reported that Aksumite currency…



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