How I Started Earning More Than $3000 Per Month From My Kitchen Table

In November 2021, I started a new side hustle

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In November 2021, I started a new side hustle. This year, my goal is to build three more income streams. I have tried many side hustles over the years, some worked and some didn’t work so well. I take every failure as a lesson in business.

My last side hustle was selling cameras through the Amazon affiliate program. It was lucrative, to say the least, however, it got a bit tedious so I outsourced all the content writing. The business tanked in the end because I just lost enthusiasm for it. I start things, I quit, I start something else and stick with it when it feels right.

My newest side hustle is probably the easiest side hustle I have ever done. I use software and I write about it. Pretty simple really.

Let me explain:

Affiliate marketing is a massive industry, people make thousands per month promoting other people’s products. I make more than $20,000 per month with affiliate marketing at the moment. My new side affiliate venture makes me $3000 per month with very little effort.

I plan on scaling this side hustle to the moon by outsourcing the content writing process in the next few weeks.



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