Google News Article Challenge: Day 1

Let’s go!


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I recently published an article about my Google News challenge. The goal for this challenge is to publish 33 articles about Google News to prove that my 33 Immersion Method theory actually works.

It’s not luck.

It’s a process.

Follow it, and you’ll get results.

So, what is the 33 Immersion Method?

It’s a simple strategy, but if you don’t follow the steps properly, you won’t achieve your goals with it.

So, with this method, you pick a topic, write 33 articles about that topic, and link all the content together.

For example, this article is about my Google News challenge, therefore, I’ll link to another article about Google News in this article.

Here’s the article that I’ve chosen to add:

In my next article, I’ll add another link, and so on. The goal is to make sure every article includes the previous article about the same topic.

You can use the same strategy for YouTube and any other platform. I do this with all my blogs, and it works like a charm.

So, for this challenge, I’m creating a 33-article topic cluster about Google News.

How will I monetize this cluster?

✅ The Medium Partner Program (of course)

Google News Course

33 Immersion Method Course

✅ Affiliate links

1–to-1 coaching offer

Content Production Pool offer


I’m excited to push through with this challenge, because I’ve recently I made the decision to stop posting daily on Medium, but for this challenge, to get it done faster, I will post daily. I love a challenge!

The goal of the challenge is to prove it’s not luck, and also to increase awareness, add value, and boost my income here.

Would you try this method?

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