Blogging My Life as a Full-time Digital Entrepreneur and Writer — Day 5 of My September Challenge

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It’s Monday morning and it’s day five of my September challenge. You can read about my challenge for this month here:

I’ve published two articles on my Hubpages account, I’ve outdone myself because my goal is to post one article per day on Hubpages. So, I’m feeling pumped this morning!

I’m working on new titles for this Medium account and about to publish something on my Abena Talks Health page.

When it comes to getting things done and staying focused, you need to plan. Planning is key.

I’ve already published one YouTube video and am about to finish off another video to publish for the evening. My goal is to publish two YouTube Shorts videos per day; however, it looks like I’m gunning for three videos today, which is excellent.

So far, I’m really happy with the results for my YouTube channel. Since the beginning of the challenge, I’ve seen a significant hike in my views. from 600 views in the past 28 days to more than 6.6k, which is amazing.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

Screenshot from one of my YouTube channels

I’m still working on boosting revenue for the channel, but I’m not worried because my earnings per thousand views have already increased from $5 per thousand views to $7 per thousand views.

I don’t plan on posting all my earnings here on Medium as I said in my challenge article, but I will post everything in my newsletter for my gold members.

🥇Shoutout to my gold members, by the way!🥇

People often ask me why I challenge myself all the time because it seems like so much work, and I always give the…



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